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Honey Cornflakes Cookies Cup


30g Manuka & Native Botanicals Honey
30g butter or dairy free butter
20g-30g cornflakes


Set the oven on 180 degree Celsius. Melt the butter in a pot under medium high heat. When the butter starts to bubbling, turn off the heat and add the honey in then stir quickly. Put all the cornflakes in the pot then mix till well combined. Make sure all the cornflakes coated with honey butter. Line up 10-12 mini cupcake cups on a baking tray, spoon the cornflakes into each cup. You could add some sprinkles or quinoa puff if you like. Then put it in oven for 10mins. After that, take the tray out and put on cooling rack, let it completely cool down. Enjoy while it is crispy 😊 keep it in an air tight container in a dry place for up 2 days. Great for a little sweet treat after work or after school.